Armor Stands can now be customized by the player. Just grab a Book and Quill and write some "commands" in the first line of each page. Then right click with the book on the armor stand to apply the changes.

You can also use a Name Tag like you would with any mob to name your armor stand. If the Name Tag doesn't have a custom name, it will hide the name.

Note that the book can't be signed, it need to be a Book and Quill and not a Written Book. You can however name your book, if you wish to keep that "configuration" to use later on.

Full List of Commands

Command Function
legs standing Default position for the legs
legs sitting Set the legs to a sitting position
legs walking The legs will resemble a walking cycle
legs flying The legs will be in a flying like position
arms reaching Make the stand look like a zombie. The arms will be in the same position as the zombie arms
arms default Default position for the arms
arms swinging Same as "legs walking" but for the arms
arms resting The arms will look like those statues that hold swords against the ground
arms raised Arms raised like the person is running scared or was asked to put is hands up
head forward Default position for the head
head up The head will look up to the sky
head down Looks like the ground is pretty, make the armor stand look at it
head left Just makes it look left
head right Just makes it look right
guard pose Imagine a guard with a hand on the sword handle, the sword on the waist and the other hand in the default position
slash pose The armor stand will be slashing a sword in the air
give pose A pose where the armor stand is giving a sword or tool that is equipped in its hand
victory pose low A victory pose where one arm is raised and the other is in default position. This arm will be be raised but in a low position.
victory pose high A victory pose where one arm is raised and the other is in default position. This arm will be be raised but in a high position.
default Make it return to the base form.
no gravity Remove the gravity from that armor stand
gravity Apply gravity to that armor stand
arms Make it show arms
no arms Remove its arms
small Makes the armor stand look tiny
tall Set its size to normal
no base Stops rendering the armor stand base
base Makes the base render again
turn left Make the armor stand rotate to the left
turn right Make the armor stand rotate to the right
no turn Make the armor stand stop rotating