GMX is the main plugin on the server, it works as an expansion to the Vanilla Minecraft. It doesn't create OP features but it does increase the possibilities and extends gameplay. Some features are based on Game Mode 4 and some minecraft mods.

New Currency

As of version 1.3, GameMode X has a new currency item called Uncraft Coin, with it comes a trader called "The Coin Trader". The trader works as a bank and will give the player the ability to trade items for coins, the coin is meant to be used as a server currency to improve the economy.

All items you can trade for coins you can trade back. You can trade 1 diamond for 64 coins, 1 emerald for 32 coins, 1 lapis lazulli for 16 coins and 1 nether quartz for 4 coins. Those items can't be farmed automatically, and so they are the best to be used as base values for the coin.




Added At
One Player Sleep On the server only one player has to sleep, there is also a warning about night time, when you can use the bed. If a player needs the night time, he can kick other players from their beds. 1.0
Head Hunting Every time a player kills other a "Souvenir" will drop. Their head drops and the player can pick it up, this will not happen with any other types of dead. 1.0
Custom Recipes There are new recipes added to the Vanilla Crafting Table, those can be found here 1.0
Advanced Crafting Table For some crafts, the Vanilla Crafting Table isn't enough anymore, in the Advanced Crafting Table recipes will yield more than on result for the same recipe, and recipes do take stack amount into account. The recipes can be found here 1.0
Empowered Enchant Table The enchantment table only allows Enchants till their default level, with the Empowered Version you can get more powerful enchants at the cost of a enchanted book and 4 champion essences. Recipe found here 1.0
Improved Anvils Anvils now will allow infinite repairs, and you can enchant an item with them as long as you want. They are also used to apply the resulting enchant book from a Empowered Enchant Table, making an item become a Empowered Item. 1.0
Wither and Empowered Items Empowered Items are items with Empowered Enchants (Supreme Enchant Book). Wither Items are items made with a Wither Star, they cost a lot and are the ultimate items. Read more about their abilities here 1.0
Auto Shears The auto shear is a new block that allows the player to shear Sheeps automatically, but only will drop 1 wool, they also work as an hopper so they will pickup items. Right-clicking the block with a Wither Star will make it into a Wither Auto Shear. Those will always give 5 wools instead. 1.0
Block Generator The Block Generator is a custom block with 2 modes, the converter and the generator. When used as a generator, it will generate blocks based on the recipe in its inventory. They generate Cobblestone, Stone, Obsidian, Snow, Ice, Packed Ice and Clay. Those recipes can be found here.

When used as a Converter, they will convert Sand in Red Sand and vice versa. Those recipes and more information on that can be found here

No Enderman Grief Endermen will no longer pick up blocks, yes your blocks are safe, no more block stealing creatures on the servers. 1.0
Undead Players If a player dies (By any means other than PVP) a Undead Player will spawn. Undead Players are Zombies with the player name (with a Undead prefix) they can pickup all of your items, and will not despawn naturally. And yes, you can be killed by yourself, it has a funny chat message and everything. 1.0
Enderman Support Endermen will give buffs to other mobs around, and this also includes mobs in the nether (As of 1.10 they can spawn in the nether). The list of buffs can be found here 1.0
End Villagers End Villagers are villagers that once lived in the "The End" dimension. They have 5 versions with special trades (those trades are virtually infinite), you have to craft a End Villager Egg to get them, and they use End Essence as currency. 1.0
Dragon Egg Drop When you slay the Ender Dragon it will drop its Egg. The first one will drop an egg too, so 2 eggs will be awarded in that fight. This is so you can trade the Egg for an Elytra, that trader is available in both servers. 1.0
Boss Battles Every Time a player slays the dragon, it will trigger a new battle. This time with a boss. Bosses work as the dragon, the first 20 waves (as 20 gateways spawn), they will give a lot more EXP and will appear in following order. After the 20th wave, the battles will be random and there is a special boss for the random waves that doesn't spawn in the normal ones. However in the random waves the EXP will be 1/10 of the original. There are custom abilities, special death events, drop showers and custom drops for all bosses and minions (some minions may not drop anything).

You can only leave the end once you have killed the boss spawned.

Elytra Distance Travelled Every Time a player flies with the Elytra, the game will process the distance the player as travelled and display it on the Tab List. Those values are in Kilometers. 1.0
Item Magnet You can now craft a Item Magnet, when with you it will bring items around the player to its inventory. You can toggle the magnet with the command "/togglemagnet", or take it out of your inventory. 1.0
Champion Mobs Each time a mob spawns it has a 20% chance to spawn as a Champion. Champions are 25% stronger that their normal version, they have a "Champion" prefix on their name, they also have a night vision particle effect and are the easiest way to get Champion Essence (Each champion drops 2). Champions don't spawn in the End, due to the amount of Endermen. 1.0
Pig Tractors When mounting a pig you can use it to plant, harvest and tilt dirt. If you feed him with a Wither Star, the pig will do that for you automatically, however it will not drop any seeds, has it consumes all seeds to replant, he can't plant nor create farmlands. More information here 1.0
Speed Rails Just place a speed rail and you minecraft will go at the speed of light, if you do a turn, place a powered rail at the end, or the cart will derail. 1.0
Trash Can A block that works as the name says it works. Place items inside it (or use an hopper) and all items will be erased. 1.0
Item Filter and Auto Dropper Item Filter will filter any item places into it (It is a upgraded version of an hopper), a item will always remain to work as a filter. Auto Dropper is a upgraded version of the dropper, it will activate it self every time it has an item inside, without the need of being powered all the time. 1.1
Mob Unspawner The mob unspawner will block mobs from spawning in a 10 block radius (this is in all directions), but mobs can still walk in. It won't affect any named mobs or passive animals inside its space. 1.2
Empowered Beacon The Empowered Beacon is an improved version of the Beacon, it can give you new buffs including level 2 regeneration, and debuffs to mobs. It won't give you buffs that you can obtain by a normal Beacon (except for the regeneration). More information here 1.0
Elevator Elevators are blocks that allow you to travel up and down their "shaft", simply stand in one, jump to go up and sneak to go down. 1.0
Item and Stand Display Item Display allows you to place an item in the middle slot of its inventory and that item will be displayed, custom item names will render above the item. The Stand Display is a bigger version of the Item Display made for Armor Stands, it will render it self based on what is inside the Display inventory, more information here 1.0
Lava Furnaces Lava Furnaces are furnaces that are more powerful than normal furnaces, they come equipped with a Lava Processor (Block that appear below them) that is the fuel system, has it needs Magma Blocks to work. They are faster but will only take Magma Blocks and you have to put them in the processor, in order to turn them into lava (A magma block as the same duration as a lava bucket). Their tiers are, Lava, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald and Wither. Note that the Wither Furnace is extremely fast, and this one has infinite fuel, it doesn't require any fuel to be given to it. 1.0
Armor Stand Controller You can use a book and right click a Armor Stand to change its properties, its pose and allow it to rotate. More information here 1.0
Custom Achievements There are some custom achievements and more may be added. Find more information on this here 1.0
Inventory Notifier Place this block next to a inventory (or a block away) and it will send redstone signal when the inventory has content and turn off when it doesn't. 1.2
Doom Items The last 2 bosses have a chance to drop a Doom Item (or 2). They are weapons with special abilities. More information can be found here 1.3
Event Manager Every X nights a random event is triggered, those events may last the entire night, prevent the player from sleeping or be single time only. More information can be found here 1.3
Visual Armors The player can now make a piece of armor invisible, or leggings display chestplate too (this last one is for use with the elytra, and wont show the entire chestplate but it is cooler then nothing ;) ). This feature requires the custom resource pack, more information can be found here 1.4
Fast Leaf Decay Speeds up the decay process of each leaf, making them disappear in seconds. 1.4

Change Log

Version 1.4

  • Added the Visual Armors
  • Fixed bugs with the item display
  • Caught Spawners now work based on world
  • Added Fast Leaf Decay

Version 1.3

  • Added the Doom Items
  • Added Event Manager with Zombie Horde and Blood Moon events
  • Fixed the Falling Block spigot bug (a bug when using pistons and falling blocks)
  • Sintetic Shulker Egg added as a trade to the End Villager "Hunter"
  • Added Uncraft Coin as Currency and a Coin Trader

Version 1.2

  • Added Inventory Notifier
  • Added Mob Unspawner

Version 1.1

  • Added Item Filter
  • Added Auto Dropper

Version 1.0

  • Added most of the features