The Item and Stand display, are machines, that are mostly for be used in shops. They do what their name says, one is used to display items, and other to display armor sands.

Item Display

To display an item, you just have to put it in the center slot of its inventory, then a visual version of that item will appear floating above it. If the item has a custom name, that name will render above the item.

Please note that no other slot will work, they have no function, at least for now.

Stand Display

The stand display is more tricky to use them you have to configure each slot accordingly. You can also use a name tag to name the armor stand, or use a book and quill to apply changes to its pose (see Armor Stand Controller).

WARNING: Do not attempt to equip a Display Stand, it should not work, but if for some reason it does you will lose your items.

Slot(s) Purpose
Slot with a Stick A stick will make the armor stand shrink, air will make it tall
Slots with Armor Any piece of armor will display on the stand, air will make it disappear. Armor needs to be placed on that order.
Slots with Swords Any tool or weapon will display on the stand, air will make it disappear. Left sword will be left hand and right sword right hand. Shields or any other item can also be used.
Slot with Armor Stand A armor stand will make the stand being displayed invisible, air will make it display.
Slot with Air Currently is not used for anything