This is the private server, this server is whitelisted and it was created for the Minecraft Series on Shifty's Channel (Link). Other people joined, and some either do streams or record videos on the server.

Other Features

Feature Description
Elytra Launcher When you press the Sneak button for 60 ticks with an elytra equipped and then release the player will be launched into the air. This was added so the use of Vanilla Elytra Launcher wouldn't be required (They lag a lot)
Vertical Rails You can use ladders as rails, if you "connect" a rail to a ladder the cart will move up the ladder allowing you to make carts go up walls and create more complex systems.
GraviTree Makes logs fall when the one below is broken. A "Treecapitator" but in style!

List of all Members


Joined At


Shifty1337 Season 1 MrShifty1337 Youtube Channel
DarkDVicious Season 1 --- ---
Diogoz966 Season 1 --- ---
DrCarter_ Season 1 --- ---
Piripako Season 1 --- ---
ivocorreia Season 1 IvoCorreia ivocorreia1
theFriedOnion Season 1 --- ---
RaymanX11 Season 2 VictoryCoin Beam
Siul Season 2 VictoryCoin Twitch
Swosa Season 2 --- ---

List of Previous Seasons

Season 1 - The Beginning

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