The visual armor feature gives the player the ability of changing some properties of his armors, and as the name suggests it is only visual.

This requires an anvil to be used, and is not done the convencional way. This means that instead of combining two items and receive a result in the result slot, the second item is instantly applied to the first one. (This is due to a limitation in the server)

WARNING: This only works with the resource pack addon, you can found it here.

Visual Recipes

Property Description Recipe Result
Invisible Armor Addingthis property any armor piece can be made invisible, a line of lore saying "Invisible" will be added to the item.

The potion is a Potion of Invisibility (Normal). Change the Leather for the Piece of Armor

InvisibleArmor Result
Visual Chestplate This property can only be added to Leggings, and will make a chestplate render while wearing it, it is met to be used with an elytra. However this does not display the full chestplate (It won't display any arms). A line or lore saying "With Visual Chestplate" will be added to the item.

The potion is an Awkward Potion. Change the Leather for the Piece of Leggings

VisualChestplate Result
Default Clear all properties from an item, all lore lines from properties will be erased from the item.

The potion is a Water Bottle. Change the Leather for the Piece of Armor

ClearArmor Result